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      The company mainly produces permanent magnet ferrite wet pressure pump magnetic and high performance cutting box;The dry pressure radial multipole motor rotor and high performance small magnetic tile,etc.
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      Development Prospects of Magnetic Materials Industry
      Date: 2017-10-09   Hit: 2103

      Magnetic materials mainly include permanent magnetic materials, soft magnetic materials, letter magnetic materials, special magnetic materials, covering many high-tech fields. In the field of rare earth permanent magnet material technology, permanent magnet ferrite technology, amorphous soft magnetic material technology, soft ferrite technology, microwave ferrite device technology, magnetic material special equipment technology and other fields, the world has formed a huge industry group. Among them, only permanent magnetic materials, the annual market sales have been more than 10 billion US dollars.

      What products can magnetic materials be used for?

      First of all, in the communications industry, billions of mobile phones around the world require a lot of ferrite microwave devices, ferrite soft magnetic devices and permanent magnet components. Tens of millions of global program-controlled switches also need a large number of high-tech core components. In addition, the number of foreign cordless telephone installation has accounted for more than half of the total fixed telephone. This type of telephone requires a lot of soft ferrite components. Moreover, videophones are also rapidly gaining popularity. It also requires a lot of magnetic elements.

      Second, in the IT industry, hard disk drives, CD-ROM drives, DVD-ROM drives, monitors, printers, multimedia audio, notebook computers also need to use a large number of NdFeB, ferrite soft magnetic, permanent magnet materials and other components.

      Third, in the automotive industry, the global annual production of cars is about 55 million. According to each car using ferrite permanent magnet motor 41 only calculated, the automotive industry needs about 2.355 billion per year. In addition, the global automotive speaker demand is also hundreds of millions. In short, the automotive industry needs to consume a lot of magnetic material every year.

      Fourth, in the lighting equipment, color TV, electric bicycles, vacuum cleaners, electric toys, electric kitchen appliances and other industries, the demand for magnetic materials is also great. For example, in the lighting industry, LED lamps produce a lot, it needs to consume a lot of ferrite soft magnetic materials. In short, the world every year tens of billions of electronic, electrical products need to use magnetic materials, in many areas, and even the need for high-tech core magnetic devices.

      In short, the magnetic material can cover a large number of electronic, electrical products, is the basis of the material industry, one of the backbone of the industrial sector. With China's electronics, the rapid rise of the electrical industry, China has become the world's largest producer of magnetic materials, consumer countries. In the near future, more than half of the world's magnetic materials will be used to supply the Chinese market. Many high-tech magnetic materials, components will also be mainly produced by Chinese enterprises, procurement. Magnetic materials will also become one of the pillar industries in China's national economy.

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      Add:Xizhai industrial zone, Geshan town, Dongyang city, Zhejiang province

      Professional production:Permanent magnet ferrite,Pump magnet,Radial magnetic
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