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    2. Dongyang Jianhua Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd【Established in 1998】
      The company mainly produces permanent magnet ferrite wet pressure pump magnetic and high performance cutting box;The dry pressure radial multipole motor rotor and high performance small magnetic tile,etc.
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      Add:Xizhai industrial zone, Geshan town, Dongyang city, Zhejiang province

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      About ferrite permanent magnetic separator
      Date: 2017-10-09   Hit: 2215

      Ferrite permanent magnet magnetic separator is the development of the earliest permanent magnet magnetic separator, the theoretical calculation and structure are more mature, is still selected the main models of strong magnetic minerals, the main types of barrel, stick and stick Type and so on.

      For the stick-type magnetic separator because of low coercivity and long-term demagnetization state, the magnetic ring need to be removed regularly re-magnetization.

      There are still a lot of individual operators to use the machine for magnetic separation.

      Ferrite permanent magnet on the roller magnetic separator is a strong field magnetic separator, which uses multiple magnets for magnetic resonance, magnetic pole gap can produce a strong magnetic field, can be used to select weak magnetic minerals.

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      Add:Xizhai industrial zone, Geshan town, Dongyang city, Zhejiang province

      Professional production:Permanent magnet ferrite,Pump magnet,Radial magnetic
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